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Menopause Posters

Menopause can impact individuals across different age groups due to various factors. It is crucial for them to see their presence acknowledged in the menopause community, fostering a sense of inclusion and ensuring access to awareness and support.

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Don’t miss out on this all-inclusive toolkit – your key to fostering menopause awareness and support within your organization. Grab it now and make a lasting impact!

Need help getting the most out of your GP appointment? Would like to understand more about the relationship between hormones & neurodiversity? Or want some informational posters to raise the profile of menopause in your workplace?

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Free Guide to maximising your GP Appointment

Securing an appointment with a GP can often prove to be quite a hurdle, let alone receiving appropriate assistance and treatment for peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms.

​That’s precisely why we’ve created this comprehensive pack to assist you in navigating this journey. Inside, you’ll find everything you need, including a menopause symptom checklist and guidance on articulating your needs, ensuring you receive the most suitable care during your appointment.

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Unlocking neurodiversity – Exploring the connection between ADHD, Autism & Hormones

The purpose of this document is to bring to life the connection between hormonal changes and fluctuations and neurodivergent ADHD & Autistic traits, both through existing research and sharing peoples experiences from our Neurodiversity & Hormones survey. 

With the hope of providing more clarity, understanding and guidance for women that are seeking answers for how they feel. Questioning is it their hormones? Are they neurodivergent? And if so, what now? 

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Our Services

Corporate training

We deliver a range of menopause training and support to best suit the needs of your organisation:

  • CPD accredited training for managers and menopause champions
  • Menopause workshops
  • Hormone health awareness: Endometriosis, PCOS & PMDD
  • Neurodiversity & hormones

​To enquire about corporate training packages, please get in touch below and book a free 30 minute consultation.

Community C.I.C

We feel very passionately about helping our local community when it comes to menopause. We have recently established Hormones on the blink – community CIC to enable us to access funding to provide further community support.

If you live in the Fareham / Portsmouth area please check out the following services:

Online learning

As well as face to face and online workshops we also have a training platform where you can find a range of training that is available to watch in short chunks as and when it suits you:

1:1 Support

Getting a GP appointment can be a challenge at the best of times. Many women then struggle to get the outcome they are looking for or have the time to discuss what treatment options might be.

Our half hour 1:1 appointment can help with clearly outlining your symptoms, preparing you for your GP appointment, to help get the outcome you need.

Upcoming Events

We’re constantly planning and creating events, our latest upcoming event is listed below and you can learn more or book a ticket by clicking below.

Mental Health & Menopause

Mental Health & Menopause


Menopause Toolkit

Introducing our Menopause Awareness Toolkit – the smart, budget-friendly choice for organisations seeking to conduct their own impactful menopause awareness workshops. This comprehensive kit is full of valuable insights and strategies designed to elevate menopause awareness within your business.

What’s Inside?

  • Menopause handbook for employers

  • Menopause survey for your business

  • Powerpoint slides with notes to host your own menopause awareness session

  • Guidance on how to plan, deliver follow up to get the best out of your event

  • Bright & bold posters to display in your workplace

  • Links to educational video to share on the day

  • Discount code for online menopause courses

  • Free downloadable guide to getting the best out of a GP appointment

  • Useful resources to share with employees

  • Top tips for managers​

Don’t miss out on this all-inclusive toolkit – your key to fostering menopause awareness and support within your organization. Grab it now and make a lasting impact!