Our Mission

Empowering Workplaces & communities through Hormone Health Education

At Hormones on the blink, we are on a mission to transform workplaces into supportive and inclusive environments where every individual can thrive, regardless of their gender or age. Our focus is on education, awareness, and advocacy, and we specialise in addressing the often overlooked and misunderstood aspects of menopause and hormone health both in the workplace and local communities.

Our Values: EducateEmpowerCommunityHonestyCuriosityInclusion

Who We Are:

We are a dedicated team of professionals driven by the belief that knowledge is the key to fostering inclusive and empathetic workplaces. With a deep understanding of the challenges that individuals face during transitional phases like menopause, we are committed to breaking down barriers and facilitating open conversations.  Enabling organisations to support and retain their valued employees, reduce the cost of sickness, costly tribunals and increase employee loyalty and engagement.

Sophie Cartledge

Founder, Menopause and Hormone health educator

Sophie discovered she was in perimenopause at the age of 40 but encountered challenges as she was repeatedly offered antidepressants and told that she was too young. She had to really fight to receive the appropriate help, during a time when her symptoms significantly affected both her personal and professional life. Feeling ill-prepared to manage these changes and frustrated at the lack of knowledge and support out there, Sophie felt compelled to help make a difference.

She retrained as a menopause and hormone health educator. Her goal is to enable workplaces to foster inclusive and supportive environments for those going through menopause or hormone health challenges and empower individuals to have a more positive menopause and hormone health experience through interactive, educational workshops and training.


Employment law & HR specialist

Laura has over 20 years experience providing comprehensive guidance on workplace regulations, ensuring compliance and minimising the legal risks. Creating policies that promote fairness and foster positive work environments. Specialising in addressing crucial areas of employee well-being, including discrimination, reasonable adjustments and unique circumstances like menopause.

Helping organisations navigate the overlapping areas of employment law and HR, promoting inclusivity and enabling employee success. Lauras’ expertise contributes to the creation of inclusive workplaces that prioritise the welfare of all employees.

Dr Katie Hodginson

Lifestyle Medicine GP

Dr Hodgkinson is a GP with a special interest in lifestyle medicine. A focus on preventative strategies for improving health, combined with expertise in the effects of hormones on the body fuels her dedication to finding wellness solutions. Doctor Hodgkinsonʼs experience as a GP has given her insight into the hugely varied range of factors that influence the health and wellbeing of patients, and the way that conventional medicine does not always fully address these factors.

Her expertise is of great benefit to organisations wanting to support their employees with direct access to a doctor with an interest in menopause and hormones, and invaluable to us at Hormones on the blink as we continue to signpost and share up to date information in the menopause and menstruation space.

Training Team

Coming Soon

We are looking forward to welcoming the newest members of our team in the new year, who are currently on the HOTB training partner program. To join the waitlist for our next round please get in touch using the form below. 

Join Us

Do you feel passionately about supporting and empowering other women? Would you like to help balance the scales for women in the workplace by raising awareness of menopause and hormone health, so that they can be correctly supported to remain in the careers they love?

Perhaps you have experienced some of the challenges that come with managing menopause symptoms whilst at work. Maybe you are looking for flexibility and choice when it comes to the hours that you want to work whilst maintaining a level of financial freedom.

Our HOTB training partner program has been designed to give you more information than you need, to empower you to feel confident in delivering CPD accredited Menopause training and support within the workplace and community. It will give you all the autonomy of being self employed but without feeling like you are out there on your own. Under the HOTB umbrella, you will have access to training materials, slides, handouts, client proposal templates, social media templates and ongoing business support.

If you would like to join a team of like minded people, working together to share our collective knowledge and experiences to empower and enable other women to have a more positive menopause and hormone health experiences, then I would love to hear from you!

Get in touch using the form on this page for an informal chat.