Join our HOTB CPD accredited training partner program!

Join our HOTB CPD accredited training partner program!

Hormones on the Blink

How to use your passion, experience and knowledge to empower other women, educate workplaces and support communities

With the freedom to work the hours that suit you and the potential to earn a full time income in part time hours.

Back in 2021 I took the leap and left my job to pursue something I was truly passionate about. I made the decision to start my own business, which felt pretty scary at the time.

I started Hormones on the Blink for two reasons…

Firstly I did it because of my personal experience. I had spent quite some time struggling with perimenopause, it had impacted all aspects of my life and left me feeling like I couldn’t cope with things like I used to.

It took me a while to work out that this was actually perimenopause, I thought I didn’t have to worry about that till I was much older!

Changes for me started to show up at 40 but like many, I was told I was too young to be going through it, offered antidepressants from several GP’s and it became a real battle to get the right help.

Once I started learning more, I realised that soooo many other women are all in the same boat, struggling to get the right help and to understand and make sense of it.

Some of them have left careers they loved, have relationships that had broken down, many with limited options when it came to accessing help, based on their post code or their income and this made me feel really quite angry.

I’m guessing you’re here because you’ve found the same thing?

Whilst there’s no doubt perimenopause has had and continues to have its challenges, I saw this as an opportunity to finally chase something I felt really passionate about to turn what felt like a very negative experience and use it for the good.

When I started to look into the support and training available, I couldn’t really relate to the wording or imagery that I found, everything seemed to be targeted at an older woman.

This made me feel even more isolated and old before my time. HOTB is on a mission to change this, so that people going through premature menopause / surgical menopause / cancer treatments, no matter their age, all feel included and represented in the menopause space.

There were some statistics I read that really hit home to me and made me realise I HAD to take action…

According to BUPA, 900,000 women left their jobs because of menopause symptoms, divorce rates peak between the ages of 45 and 52 and very sadly it is also the time when suicide rates are at their highest.

Pretty awful isn’t it? 

It is so frustrating to think that here we are in the 2020’s and yet so far away from equality in the workplace and equal education around Women’s health.

So I retrained and became a CPD accredited menopause and hormone health educator to raise awareness about menopause and hormone health in the workplace and in the community.

“I believe that educating and sharing knowledge enables others to be better prepared for this life phase. Armed with informed choice, future generations will be able to have a more positive menopause experience. ”

But that wasn’t the only reason I started Hormones on the Blink…

The rollercoaster that is perimenopause

Perimenopause can leave you feeling fine one day and not so good the next. I often felt overwhelmed when I woke up in the morning by the sheer volume of jobs to do, places to be, meals to cook in a day…

I wanted a better life balance that could accommodate this and reduce that feeling of overwhelm. I loved the idea of being able to work when I had the energy, brain space and take rest when I really needed it.

There’s also the other obvious benefits such as;

I can work from anywhere, I just need my laptop and a decent internet connection, financial independence and all the other perks that come with being self employed.

I can honestly say that I now have a job that I am genuinely excited to get out of bed for in the morning for. I finally feel like I have found my ‘thing’ and to have the ability to earn more whilst working less, is the icing on the cake.

I want to give you the opportunity to be part of this too.

Maybe you have already looked online to learn about menopause and how you can help empower women? Perhaps you came across a few courses about menopause but you couldn’t find the complete package?

I have developed a training programme that will take you from where you are now to being fully confident in delivering menopause training to workplaces and communities, where you will really be able to make a difference and help empower other women

With menopause and hormone health being a hot topic, if this is something you feel compelled to take action on,  NOW is the perfect time to follow your passion.

When you became a HOTB CPD accredited training partner, you will:

  • Help women stay in jobs that they love, instead of leaving because they feel alone and unsupported.
  • Use your own experiences to help women that might also be struggling with symptoms at work
  • Feel equipped with a deeper level or understanding of menopause and hormones health and keep up to date with ongoing continued professional development
  • Choose your own hours, whilst maintaining financial freedom
  • Get all the benefits of being self-employed without being on your own
  • Join a team of like minded people who all share the same goals and want to see you thrive

If having your own menopause and hormone health training business sounds like what you’ve been looking for then learn more below

Now I’m not a doctor or medically trained…

In fact before menopause I didn’t know much about the importance of hormones and how they can impact you mentally and physically.
However, I am someone that was struggling with symptoms whilst trying to work, run a home, look after a family all without the help of a supportive GP.

I had always considered myself tough and resilient, but when this hit me it felt like my world was crumbling around me.

Perhaps you know this feeling all too well.

This training not only means that you will be able to help others through the workshops and support that you’ll offer but it also means that you will have a better understanding of what can help you too.

You will also get access to:

CPD accredited menopause for managers

CPD accredited menopause champion training

Understanding menopause course

So that you can experience attending the training as a delegate and fully appreciate the value of the training that you will be delivering.

So how does it work and what’s the cost?

This is essentially a franchise model (if you are UK based) / business in a box, with everything you need to hit the ground running as a HOTB training partner. There is an initial cost for the HOTB partner training and then a small percentage of workshops that you deliver, comes back to the business. To find out more check the commonly asked questions below.

The total value of the courses that you will be able to access along with the training partner program is worth £2905.

But I want to make this as accessible as possible so that the women that really want to make a difference, can.

Taking into account the value of the business opportunities included and your possible earning potential, the cost of this training is only £2245.

Imagine, 6-12 months from now, working hours and times that suit you. Able to take the day off when you choose, start the day with a long walk or swim, finally have the time to prioritise your own wellbeing. All whilst working with organisations and women that value the amazing education and information that you share with them.

Finishing a workshop, knowing you have really made a difference to not just the women in the room but those that they go on to share it with.

And receive feedback like this:

“The training gave me the confidence to raise my own personal concerns with my gp. I was listened to and my age was disregarded as I was able to clearly explain how I felt and why. As a direct result, I had a positive gp consultation and have been prescribed HRT and been offered a lot of support, including recommendations for supplements and appropriate exercise. I even have a follow up appointment for 3 months time! I feel validated and supported and more positive than I have in weeks!”

Our next training group starts in May and we only have 10 spaces available, with 3 that have been claimed already, so if this is something you’d love to be part of, get in touch today!

What People Say

“Sophie is a very thorough, patient and passionate trainer, her knowledge of menopause is extensive. The course has been well designed to create a good balance between understanding both the biological and psychosocial aspects of menopause.”

“I am enjoying everything about this workshop! The things I am learning for both my own benefit and for others is phenomenal. Knowing these things is quite literally changing my life and I cannot wait to do the same for others.” 

Any questions?

Have a look through at the most common questions asked and if you can’t find your answer on the list, just drop me a message here.

Week 1- 4: BODY 

We start off getting to know each other and HOTB core values. I’ll take you through the different hormones that play a key role in women’s health and wellbeing. We’ll cover how they change in perimenopause, menopause and the imbalances involved in other hormone health issues. This will really help you have confidence in answering questions and delivering training about hormone health. 

MIND This is where we go a little deeper and look at the connection between how hormones affect the brain.  We’ll discuss the very real intersection between menopause and mental health,  trauma, addiction and neurodivergence. Knowledge like this is what sets us apart and will provide you a wider insight into understanding the challenges that can arise when it comes to menopause and hormonal imbalances. 

Weeks 1-4 will give you a great foundation of knowledge when it comes to understanding how hormonal changes can impact women physically and mentally so that you can go out there and share what you have learnt with them.  

Week 5-8: TREATMENT 

Whilst we don’t need to be medical specialists on this topic, we do need a good baseline of understanding to be able to signpost the women we meet, with confidence.

So this is where we will take a deep dive into treatment options for supporting our hormones. We’ll discuss the risks, myths and benefits of HRT, learn how it actually works and delve into some of the many alternatives. This will ensure that you feel empowered to help other women make informed choices and better able to find the positives in the menopause transition. 

Menopause in the workplace

Women of our time face unique challenges in the workplace, this is where we learn about  employers’ legal obligations when it comes to supporting menopause and hormone health issues at work. We’ll look at how we reframe the positive ageing narrative and enable organisations to see the benefits of employing a diverse workforce so that women aren’t forced out of jobs for being treated unfairly.

After weeks 5-8 you will feel more confident in your knowledge of HRT and  alternative therapies. You will feel empowered,  understanding the importance of supporting workplaces and the value that you can bring to them and the women that they employ. 

Week 9-12 

This is where we get down to the nitty gritty of how to actually deliver HOTB training. We’ll discuss what makes a good trainer and how to hone and harness your unique skills and passion. I’ll share how I build relationships, find new clients and win new business, so that you can do the same. 

You’ll finish the course raring to go!  

Fully confident in the knowledge you have gained to go out there and start making a difference. 

What’s next? 

Don’t worry, you are not just left to get on with it. 

We will work alongside each other co delivering training sessions and meetings until you are ready to fully take the reigns. There will be ongoing support when you need it and opportunities for additional training along the way. You’ll have access to our whats app group where you can ask questions and shout HELP when you need to!

You can do all of this, without any previous experience or knowledge. I had never delivered training before I started this but I knew that getting the message out there was more important than my lack of experience or nerves (at the time!).

You just need to want to make a difference and be a part of the important change.

“Your personal experience alone qualifies you to have a level of passion and empathy, that your audience will warm to and value”

The training runs over a three month period and is held online via zoom. All of our sessions are recorded, for occasions where you might be unable to attend or want to rewatch.

The total value of the courses that you will get access to along with the training partner program is worth £2905, so just under £3k.

But I want to make this as accessible as possible. Taking into account the value of the business opportunities included and your possible earning potential, the cost of this training is only £2245.

It is essentially a business in a box, with everything you need to hit the ground running as a HOTB training partner.

Which can be paid in one go or in 5 monthly installments.

And depending on whether you opt for the franchise model (UK) or license model (Overseas) there will be either a small percentage of training delivered that comes back to the business or an annual license fee. (See below).

This comes with ongoing business support and continued professional development within this sector along with future opportunities for learning.

Our self-confidence can really take a knock in perimenopause, the combination of that and symptoms like brain fog and unpredictable days may make you question, if you can do this? But to be a good trainer one of the most important traits you can have is passion and empathy.

“Your personal experience alone qualifies you to have a level of passion and empathy, that your audience will warm to and value”

Both options receive the same training but the main difference is the franchise model works if you are based in the UK.

Franchise model

  • It means that we can manage and support the growth of each others business without over saturating the market.
  • 20% of training delivered to organisations comes back to the business and you keep the 80%
  • This enables HOTB to continue to support you, manage invoicing centrally and keep you up to date with sector relevant information and continued professional development.
  • You will be part of a supportive network of like minded other women that will be there for you along the way
  • You will have access to all branded training slides, handouts, resources etc.
  • You will be a registered CPD accredited HOTB training partner
  • You will have your profile registered on the website as a HOTB training partner

License model

This is a great option if you are based overseas and are happy to run with this as your own business

  • You will have access to all the training slides unbranded so that you can incorporate your own branding
  • There is an annual cost of £1200 which can be paid monthly in installments or in one go.
  • You will be a registered CPD accredited HOTB training partner
  • This means you are able to access the training and display your HOTB training partner accreditation for as long as you renew your license.
  • You will be registered on our website so that we can signpost potential

There are recommended resources to read and listen to but the homework is minimal. The idea being that you can do this course with minimal interference to your current schedule.

There are just 10 spaces per course available and we have an ongoing waitlist, so if you are keen to secure your place please get in touch ASAP!